About Intermountain Bioneers

In the summer of 2004, Logan’s Jack Greene, Leona Hawks, and other Cache Valley residents interested in presenting the principles of sustainability, applied for and received permission to carry a satellite version of the National Bioneers Sustainability Conference held annually every October in San Rafael, California. The three day conference attracts over 3,000 people from diverse disciplines and walks of life including social entrepreneurs, scientists, business leaders, students, NGO leaders, women leaders, educators, indigenous leaders, public servants, artists, media-makers and engaged citizens. Participants from all 50 states and several foreign countries attend.

Interest became so strong across the nation in this national conference that the Bioneers organization structured a way that satellite organizations across the country could carry parts of the conference. Logan is one of 20 such national satellite groups. Over 9,000 people attended the satellite conferences last year.

While there is difficult and unsettling information to digest, ours is not a doomsday conference. It is a conference that has always been about hope and solutions to remediate and reverse unsustainable ways. It is a conference dealing with the current environmental, business and society realities of Cache Valley, Utah, our country, and indeed, the world. Our attendees go home inspired by what they have seen and heard. Inspired by what is possible, if only we move ahead sustainably.

The future is actually determined by the potential of the present, the potential in each one of us.